About Me

I, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, have completed my graduation from Jahangirnagar University. During my graduation, I tried to participate in different kinds of programming competition. I love problem solving and solved more than 3000 problems using Algorithm and Data Structures.

Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in Crowd Realty, Japan. Here, I work as a Back-end engineer. In my leisure time, I love to write research article as well as solve problems.

Research Interest

Deep Learning, Machine Learning, NLP, Image Processing.


  1. Statistical Modeling of Traffic Congestion using Google Map Traffic Layer Data. (FICC 2021, Canada).
  2. Efficient Advertisement Slogan Detection and Classification Using a Hierarchical BERT and BiLSTM-BERT Ensemble Model. (Springer, ICO'2020, Thailand).
  3. Bangla Documents Classification using Transformer Based Deep Learning Models.(IEEE, STI'2020, Bangladesh).
  4. Bangla Document Classification using Character Level Deep Learning. (IEEE, ISMSIT 2020, Turkey).
  5. Recognition of Local Birds of Bangladesh using MobileNet and Inception V3.(IJACSA, Vol.11, No. 6, 2020)
  6. Bangla Optical Character Recognition and Text-to-Speech Conversion using Raspberry Pi.(IJACSA, Vol. 11, No.6, 2020)
  7. Rose Diseases Recognition using MobileNet. (IEEE, ISMSIT 2020,Turkey).

Programming Competition Achievements.

Onsite Competition Achievements

Year Position Competition References
2017 First Position Inter Dept. Programming Contest 2017 organized by Jahangirnagar University Reference link
2017 First Position CodeMonk (Dynamic Programming Part- I ) Reference link
2017 Third Position National Collegiate Programing Contest 2017 Reference link . Certification link
2017 Third Position IUT 9th ICT FEST 2017 Reference link . Certification link
2016 Third Position BAPS-BUBT national programming camp 2016 Certification Link
2017 Fourth Position NSU Inter University Programming Contest Spring 2017 Reference link
2016 Fifth Position Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology CSE Day 2016
2016 Placed 13th ACM-ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest 2016, Team: JU_Insomnia Reference link . Certification link
2017 Placed 12th ACM-ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest 2017. Reference link . Certification link

Online Competition Achievements

Organization Username Max Rating Position Award
CodeForces mahbubcseju 2021 Top 1% -
Codechef mahbubcseju 2309 Top 1% -
Hackerrank mahbubcseju 2345 Top 1% Gold medal - 13, Silver medal - 11, Bronze medal - 6
Google Codejam mahbubcseju - 50 outof 1722 50th

Projects (Github)

  1. Exam Controller office management system using Python, Django, HTML5, CSS.
  2. Bidding/Auction System using Python, Django, HTML5, CSS.
  3. Attendance System using real time face detection.
  4. Football tracking on real time video using deep learning.
  5. Image editing tool for stitching two or more images using MATLAB.
  6. Best path finding for a drone inside a room using python and shortage path algorithms.
  7. MPEG­DASH video downloader to download MPEG­DASH video into OpenCV mat format using C++, Python.


Title Issuing Organization Credentials
Neural Networks and Deep Learning Coursera 6EWNLF6MAFJW
Artificial Intelligence A­Z™: Learn How To Build An AI ! Udemy UC-HIFTT79A
Deep Learning and NLP A­Z™: How to create a ChatBot ! Udemy UC-9UWVFG2S
Deep Learning, Transfer Learning and Turtles Udemy UC-SKLLIA0K
Internet Of Things­ From Beginner To Making You First Device Udemy UC-GPI5ZE8S

Additional Experiences and Awards

  1. Researcher (Jul. 2018 ­ Aug. 2018): Participated in a short research on elective curve cryptography in Okayama University, Japan.
  2. Certification (Oct. 2018): Placed 2 nd in Information Technology Professionals Exam (ITEE FE October 2018) from Bangladesh.
  3. Campus Ambassador, GeeksforGeeks (Aug. 2018 ­ Oct. 2018): Responsible for conducting workshops, seminars in Jahangirnagar University
  4. Problem Setter (2017 – 2018): Bangladesh National Girls Collegiate Programming Contest, Jahangirnagar University Intra University Programming Contest and some other national online contests.
  5. Programming Camp (2016): Placed 3 rd in National (Bangladesh) Programming Camp 2016.
  6. Leadership Experience (2017­2018): Manager of Jahangirnagar University programming club.

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