Seeking Teammates for Exciting ML Shared Tasks!

Hello, fellow ML enthusiasts!

I’m embarking on an exciting journey to participate in upcoming ML shared tasks and am in search of like-minded individuals to form a dynamic team. These tasks cover various aspects of machine learning and offer a fantastic opportunity to apply our skills to real-world problems, innovate solutions, and even publish our findings.

Shared Tasks Overview

In the field of machine learning and data science, shared tasks are competitions or challenges where participants work on the same data set or problem statement. These tasks are often part of conferences or workshops, where organizers provide a specific ML task, ranging from natural language processing (NLP) to computer vision, and participants submit their solutions.

Submission and Publication

After working on the tasks, participants typically submit their results along with a paper describing their methodology, findings, and the novelty of their approach. Successful submissions may be presented at the conference, included in workshop proceedings, or published in related journals.

Why Join?

  • Skill Enhancement: Participants can significantly improve their ML skills, learn new techniques, and understand how to apply theoretical knowledge to practical problems.
  • Networking: It’s an excellent opportunity to collaborate and network with peers and experts in the field.
  • Research Exposure: Submitting a paper provides experience with academic writing and research, valuable for those looking to pursue further studies or careers in research.
  • Career Opportunities: Experience in shared tasks and publications can enhance your resume, making you a more attractive candidate for internships and positions in the industry.
  • Advanced Resources: Opportunity to train and test models in top-class cloud resources. (We get them as grant from AWS.)

Looking For

Individuals with a passion for machine learning, a collaborative spirit, and a desire to learn and contribute. Whether you’re skilled in data preprocessing, model building, fine-tuning, or writing, your contributions are welcome.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in joining forces for an enriching learning and research experience, please reach out to me( and Shubhashis Roy Dipta( with your cv, a brief introduction and your area of interest or expertise in ML. Let’s make the most of this opportunity to shine in the ML community!

We need one more member only.

Md Mahbubur Rahman
Md Mahbubur Rahman
PhD Student at Computer Science

My research interests include AI for Code, Software Engineering and Deep Learning.